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    Pure & Handcrafted...

    Simple pleasures....

    Candles crafted by hand with natural soy wax and scented with essential oils ,

    blended & poured in Singapore in small batches. Ensuring a more organic product, in harmony with nature and strengthening our bond with all that is natural and beautiful.

    Each unique essential oil blend has different aromatherapy properties which enhance your overall well-being. Enjoy spending time with yourself doing something you love while one of our candles light up your space & spread a lovely fragrance .


     NATURALly SIMPLE.....

     At Lavender Forest we believe in creating beautiful & simple products that are kind to the environment.  Handmade glycerine soaps made in Singapore . Ingredients are top quality essential oils & soap bases sourced in Singapore thus ensuring the quality of the materials.


    Indulge yourself, your friends and family by gifting them Lavender Forest soaps & candles . 


    In keeping with our philosophy of sustaining and supporting nature & bio diversity, part proceeds go towards animal welfare groups in Singapore

    Nature's essence .....



    Lavender Forest brings you refreshingly natural candles and soap in recyclable glass jars made with non toxic ingredients & eco friendly packaging.


    Nearly every part of these candles & soaps are recyclable or biodegradable.


    As a more environmentally conscious &

    healthier alternative to paraffin wax our candles give a significantly cleaner burn and last longer while our soaps are free from industrial  chemicals.  




    Our Partners 

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