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Fall in love with nature 


         Plant-based and sustainable soaps & candles.


Soaps are used by one & all and candles are in nearly every home, but they're not all made in the same way.


Sometimes it's all about going back to the roots to rediscover the true joys of life. Organic ingredients & essential oils are some of nature's greatest gifts and Lavender Forest creates 100% soy wax candles & glycerine soaps with pure essential oils, free from parabens, phthalates and paraffin wax, (a petroleum derivative linked to asthma and lung cancer). 


Chances are that your favourite store bought soaps & candles may give you or your children and pets allergic reactions for this very reason.


Organic candles & soaps made from plant based ingredients that do not have harmful products or additives are therefore safer for you and your family , pets and the environment.



Step into the Lavender Forest where our soaps & candles  are made by hand. Created in Singapore, nearly every part of these candles & soaps are recyclable or biodegradable.

We emphasise sustainable practices, including clean burns with eco-friendly materials.


Come and explore our beautifully natural candles for gifting to your friends and family and as treat to yourself .



Our Philosophy- Giving Back to Nature……..

We focus on taking steps to protect nature and everything that is part of our natural habitat. With this ideology, Lavender Forest is committed to contributing to aspects of it like animal welfare.


Proceeds from the sale of our products go towards organisations that look after stray, abused or orphaned and abandoned animals in Singapore.


We have ensured stray cat adoption programmes, looking after and caring for strays and orphaned birds as well as integrating rescued animals into their habitat. Participating in the government’s trap-neuter-release programme for stray cats and dogs & various fund raisers.






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